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Special Computing Solutions

All Teito’s products are designed in collaboration with our customers. By doing this we guarantee that our products have safe and continuous operation under demanding conditions, as well as long life cycle.

Specialized products for you

We can customize the right product just for you as its own product development project. Good clearing on hardware requirements and functionality ensures a good and effective device.

Renewing your out of date system is not necessarily needed

If your current equipments are getting old, but you would not like to renew the whole system, we are often able to solve your hardware issues. We are able to match our equipment so that they have the same dimensions than your old ones and make them work in your environment.

Compatibility issues?

We solve the compatibility problems between different software. We can also handle older operating systems, all the way back to MS-DOS. Different Linux distributions will also work on our computers. We can also get your software to operate on our products.

If you have more specific wishes and requirements regarding our products, please contact us and we will look in to those needs in more detail. Over a decade of experience in Industrial PCs ensures that we as a manufacturer can customize our products to a wide variety of purposes and operating environments.

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