Teito Panel PC


Teito Panel PC’s are high-quality, reliable and they are made specifically for industrial and automation use. Panel PC chipsets are made for industrial use and they take advantage of Intel® processor technology. Teito offers Panel PC’s with different IP-protection classes, up to IP66. Teito Automate Panel PC products can be customized individually to fit customers needs.

TEITO Panel PC features:

  • Possibility to customize the product
  • Many different size and color options
  • Variety of different attachment options
  • IP65 protected front panel or fully IP66 protected
  • No moving parts due to passive cooling and SSD hard drives
  • Large scale testing before delivery to the customer

The images below are examples of our product range.

Fast delivery times, flexibility, customizability and price competitiveness are key issues for Teito. We have a large selection of products directly from the warehouse, which can replace the old equipment and the latest solutions for all kinds of conditions.