DFI KSM-AL Highlights

  • Proprietary modular design – Adaptive Display Platform
  • Front OSD & Accessible 2.5″ SATA Drive Bay
  • Multiple Panel Sizes with Resistive/P-Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Patent: Supports 24V / 9~48V Modular Power Board
  • Fanless, Cableless Design
  • 12V/24V/48V Ignition Power Control
  • 15-Year CPU Life Cycle Support Until Q4′ 31 (Based on Intel IOTG Roadmap)

Change Everything ─ Adaptive Display Platform

DFI developed a brand-new series of product line – KSM series which adopts an “Adaptive Display Platform”, an emerging and innovative approach to modularized touch panel PC design. This diverse combination of computing units and touchscreens provide system integrators a more flexible and cost-efficiency solution by merely upgrading certain modules instead of the whole unit. With the advantage of updating prospects, easy maintenance, and rugged design, DFI’s new-series touch panel PCs with ADP technology are the ideal solutions for factory automation, transportation, and critical mission applications.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Mounting or changing a touch panel or box module could never be simpler as the modular design can be completed within two steps. ADP technology helps PPC achieve easy installation, maintenance, and ensures not to cause long-term interruption while upgrading or maintaining the equipment.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Configure by Demand

Equipped with Intel Atom or Core i series processors, customers can freely choose the processing capability of the box PC and size of the panel depending on their requirement. Customers can also choose from over 30 I/O expansion modules and resistive single-touch or projected capacitive multi-touch displays to build highly customized solutions.

KSM070-AL:7″ TFT LCD Panel500 (cd/m²)
KSM101-AL:10.1″ TFT LCD Panel350 (cd/m²)
KSM121-AL:12.1″ TFT LCD Panel500 (cd/m²)
KSM150-AL:15″ TFT LCD Panel300 (cd/m²)
KSM156-AL:15.6″ TFT LCD Panel400 (cd/m²)
KSM170-AL:17″ TFT LCD Panel350 (cd/m²)
KSM185-AL:18.5″ TFT LCD Panel450 (cd/m²)
KSM190-AL: 19″ TFT LCD Panel350 (cd/m²)
KSM215-AL:21.5″ TFT LCD Panel300 (cd/m²)

Fast delivery times, flexibility, customizability and price competitiveness are key issues for Teito. We have a large selection of products directly from the warehouse, which can replace the old equipment and the latest solutions for all kinds of conditions.

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