FUDA2 Multi-Touch Panel PC Series



Slim and Fanless projective Touch Panel PC for wide temperature range applications

  • 26.4cm/10.4 to 47cm/18.5″ screen size with optional resistive touch
  • Intel® Atom® E3845 Quad-Core CPU with extended lifetime support
  •  Up to 8GB DDR3L-1333/1600 in SO-DIMM socket
  •  Projective Capacitive Touch for Gesture and Multi-tap recognition, waterproof and oil resistant
  • 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD, 1x CompactFlash II Up to 128 GB, SD Card slot
  •  Extensive I/O options with multiple serial ports and USB
  •  IP65 front with high shock and vibration immunity

Product Introduction

Powered by Intel® Atom® platform, Bay Trail-I SoC processor E3845, which provides extended temperature and high I/O connectivity within 10W thermal design power (TDP), FUDA2 Panel PC is an ideal platform for applications like highly efficient and dedicated image signal processing with secure content delivery and visually appealing HMI thin clients.Equipped with a high resolution panel and a sleek, responsive, multi-touch screen, FUDA2 Multi-Touch Panel PC comes with an IP65 rated front bezel and true-flat design. This allows the system to be operated in harsh environment. With its refined appearance, rugged mechanical chassis and multiple modular flexibility, FUDA2 Panel PC’s application-oriented design provides customers an ideal HMI solution for factory automation applications.

Wide Operating Temperature Support with Fan-less DesignFUDA2 Panel PC takes advantage of Intel® Atom® E3800 family to operate under extremely hot and cold conditions. Compared to most Panel PC in the market, the operating temperature of FUDA2 Panel PC can be as low as -25°C or up to 70°C in spite of its fan-less design. Moreover, the cable-less structure optimizes the thermal dissipation as well as makes it more durable in rugged environments.

Projective Capacitive Touch Panel PC Becomes Popular in Factory Automation Application
Thanks to its robustness and easy operation, Panel PC with projective capacitive touch screen becomes a popular solution in the factory automation industry. With the latest touch screen technology, FUDA2 Multi-Touch Panel PC Series is responsive even when thick industrial gloves are worn and supports palm rejection. Moisture, contaminant, and cutting oil are common in an industrial environment, so it is important these materials don’t cause any false actions to the machine. Last but not least, its excellent noise immunity makes it suitable in industrial application.
An Ideal HMI for Industrial Market
FUDA2 Multi-Touch Panel PC targets to apply in industrial environment. Designed to complied with UL 61010-2-201, which specifically addresses safety requirements and related verification tests for industrial control equipment, as well as the EMC directives for both industrial environment and information technology equipment like EN 55032, EN 55024, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4, FUDA2 Multi-Touch Panel PC has proved itself an ideal HMI for industrial market by not only passing a variety of thorough and rigorous testing but also being verified by independent certified lab agent.

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