Teito Box PC


Teito Box PC’s are manufactured from high-quality components which ensure great reliability and functionality in industry’s demanding conditions. Box PCs small size allows usage in confined spaces and gives the customer an opportunity to save money in space costs. In addition, the passive cooling system of Box PC’s prevents dust or dirt getting inside the case.

TEITO Box PC common features:

  • Very low power consumption
  • Reliable and high performance Intel® processors
  • Shock, vibration and bend-resistant aluminium case
  • No moving parts due to passive cooling and SSD hard drives
  • The small size saves space and provides multiple attachment options
  • Possibility to customize the product (e.g. anti-corrosion treatment)
  • Large scale testing before delivery to the customer
  • Long life cycle

The images below are examples of our product range.

Fast delivery times, flexibility, customizability and price competitiveness are key issues for Teito. We have a large selection of products directly from the warehouse, which can replace the old equipment and the latest solutions for all kinds of conditions.