Teito Oy – Your partner

The demanding conditions for IT equipment require solutions from professionals. Domestic Teito Oy is a dynamic, servicing and reliable partner as provider of demanding IT solutions and equipment. Started 1992, the company history ensures years of professionality and experience to benefit our customers. Expert services will be implemented in cooperation with our customers also on international levels. Company size enables swift response also to changing needs of the customers. Due functional solutions customer receives advantage in his customer base or in his industry.

Our certified system and operations comply with international quality management systems standard ISO 9001.

Teito – Solution®

What is it?

Teito – Solution® developed by Teito Oy is a concept of services helping the customer to utilize reliable and functional IT solution for demanding conditions, fulfilling all the requirements of the customer.

To whom?

The concept of service is designed for enterprise customers , who finds it vital to use IT solutions and equipment reliably and without interrupts also in demanding conditions. These include shaking, blows, humidity, dust, heat, cold etc.


Teito – Solution® is a customer-oriented concept of service, beginning as analysis of the operating environment of customer. This will be implemented with Teito specialist. Customer will receive solution proposal for prototype manufacturing with cost estimation from both the prototype and final product, within agreed expenditure framework. Customer project is launched upon realized contract. 3D models and design material will emerge from the project. All prototypes will be tested and accepted according the testing and qualification program which is planned together with the customer and including also external testing or qualifications. The customer will acquire prototype, manual and technical documentation and terms of warranty.

Why Teito – Solution®?

Our internationally well-known customers have chosen us as long-term and reliable partner, because

  • customer’s own specialists participate in implementing the solutions, allowing the customer features not available from other suppliers.
  • solutions are cost efficient and more reliable than several other supplier’s solutions. The customer gets economical advantage.
  • advanced solutions have speeded up production and added productivity.
  • solutions have advanced, available industry standard complying and qualified technology, operating reliably and without interrupts in customer’s demanding environment. Solutions are adapted to customer needs so that customer acquires functional solution and continuity in operations without outages.
  • solution equipment has long life cycle, which ensures availability, usability and lower costs also in the future.
  • customers have integrated the solutions into their systems and brands, a demonstration of trust.
  • customer project has always a named person with responsibility, allowing functional line of communications. This contact person takes care of all issues and clarifications within project. This is time and cost effective for the customer, improving the project management.
  • with functional and solid co-operation network, solutions are designed to answer to most demanding needs of the customers.