Mobotix cameras


The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and its decentralized consept has made high-resolution video system cost efficient.

MOBOTIX has been producing megapixel cameras exclusively for many years now and is regarded as the global market leader for high-resolution video systems.

Why High-Resolution Systems?

The higher the resolution, the more accurate the detail in the image. With analog technology, a recordered image generally has no more than 0.1 megapixels (CIF). One MOBOTIX camera with 3.1 megapixels records around 30 times more details. As a result, larger image areas with up to 360° allround views are possible, thus reducing the number of cameras, and therefore the costs.

Robust And Low-Maintenance

The durability of MOBOTIX cameras is another financial and ecological benefit. While our cameras often survive multiple generations of devices from other market players, they save material and costs. Today even 15-year-old camera models are still serviced with cybersecure software updates and can be repaired inexpensively, thanks to the intelligent modular design. By the way, some MOBOTIX cameras have already been running for about 20 years without needing any replacement parts.

Mobotix Software

Mobotix cameras do not need a separate NVR software or recorder. Mobotix cameras contain all the necessary software and are free of charge.

Mobotix Moonlight Sensor Technology

One of the most important feature which defines the the quality of a surveillance camera its sensitivity to light. High light sensitivity of the camera supports a shorter exposure time so the result is less blurring. This makes the evaluation of video material, image detail stands out well without the extra costly additional lighting.

Mobotix 6MP Moonlight technology
  • The light-sensitive sensor lens technology ever
  • Very high light sensitivity with color sensor:  0,1 lux 1/60s, 0,005 lux 1/1s
  • Very high light sensitivity with B&W sensor: 0,02 lux 1/60s, 0,001 lux 1/1s
  • 100 times better sensitivity compared with previous sensors
  • The shorter exposure time means less motion blur
  • The maximum image size of 6 megapixel sensor 3: 2 (3072 × 2048)

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