Zebra XSLATE L10 Rugged Tablet


Zebra XSLATE L10 Rugged Tablet Highlights

  • Blazing fast and super powerful
  • Very well-connected
  • Far stronger than its sleek exterior may appear
  • Easy to use while sitting or standing
  • Easy to read inside and outside, day or night
  • Easy to secure and manage
  • Easy to accessorize
  • Built to deliver a lot of value, for a very long time
  • IP68 and IP65 per applicable IEC sealing specifications
  • A versatile rugged tablet platform

The 10.1 XSLATE L10 Gives Mobile Workers a Smart Rugged Choice

It is more important than ever to give workers the right mobility tools. They need a reliable way to capture, extract, and analyze data about your customers, assets, and new revenue-generating opportunities, especially when away from their desks. Whether your business is public safety, utilities, or manufacturing, the XSLATE L10 rugged tablet computer will enable you to drive greater business efficiency among your mobile workforce, for a much longer period of time than competing mobile devices.


The Zebra L10 rugged platform offers a variety of tablet configurations and a shared accessory ecosystem that sets a standard in office, vehicle and field-based computing.

Whether your mobile workers prefer a traditional tablet form factor (XSlate L10), a tablet with a rigid-handle and built-in barcode reader (XPad L10), or a 2-in-1 laptop alternative with a detachable keyboard and KickStrap accessories with the XSlate (XBook L10), the flexibility of the Zebra L10 tablets ensures that your workers have the right computing tool for their job. Choose the right operating system for your business, whether that be Windows or Android. Only Zebra offers this many performance, security, connectivity and accessory options in one rugged mobile computer platform.

With more advanced CPU options, the performance-driven L10 rugged tablet platform is the right fit for your organization, whatever your operating system. Both operating systems offer superior power for the blazing-fast application performance you need out in the field or in your facility. The L10ax Windows is equipped with the latest 11th generation Intel processors, while the L10 Android features the Qualcomm SD660 processors. The L10 is also available with a range of RAM and storage options for every business and agency application.
The L10 combines latest-generation NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular technologies to provide uninterrupted connectivity. Keep your workforce connected wherever they are with the advanced wireless connectivity of the L10ax Windows with support for Wi-Fi 6E and optional 5G/4G and the L10 Android with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and optional 4G. Each L10 rugged tablet can be equipped with workflow-specific tools needed for nearly any application. This includes an optional true serial port, UHF RFID reader (AEI), a built-in barcode reader (XPad only) and more. Front-facing and 13 MP rear-facing high-resolution cameras enable capture of proof-of-condition/delivery, incident documentation, evidence and more.
The L10 platform defines the standard of rugged tablets. It is rated for a 6 ft. drop and the L10ax Windows is tested to the latest MIL-STD-810H, while the L10 Android is tested to MIL-STD-810G. It maintains its IP65 rating even with the port doors open. It can be used in cold storage, blowing dust, or driving rain. With sunlight viewable reinforced glass displays and an active digitizer option, your screen will be easy to read wherever you use it. Plus, the optional 5 pass-through antennas mean it’s ideal for mounting in vehicles of all types.

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